It comes every year, just as all the holidays.  But are you really taking advantage of the day, Thanksgiving Day that is? No matter what day you get together with family and friends, being thankful together bonds us to each other just a little bit more each year.

A fond memory, it was some 25 years ago, I was new to living in Stamford, CT.  My first Thanksgiving in Stamford, my friend and I got out of town for the long weekend, heading to Cancun, Mexico (a great time and another story).  My second Thanksgiving in Stamford, that same friend included me in an invite to Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Greenwich.  I’m happy to say, that same friend and I are still sharing Thanksgiving together, it’s just long distance now that I no longer live in CT.

It’s that same open-door policy that still lives around many tables today, making room for just one more at the table.  My long-time friend is Chris Buswell, the founder of this company, Options Real Estate, and still my good friend today.  Happy Thanksgiving Day.

This is a bonus photo of on my mother’s Thanksgiving Day classic NY Cheesecake, my mother’s recipe is from the inside of the Philadelphia brand cream cheese package, we claim it as our own!

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