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Solar Power on the Rise in Norwalk Public Schools

as seen in “The Hour”
Abigail Brone
Jan. 12, 2022

As Jefferson Elementary School undergoes a more than $30 million renovation this year, it will also be equipped with solar power, potentially saving the city hundreds of thousands in the coming years. And there are plans for solar power to soon spread to other district schools as well. Through Mayor Harry Rilling’s Energy Taskforce, the city reached an agreement in 2017 with CT-based Greenskies Clean Energy to consider the installation of solar panels each time a new school building construction project arises. Naramake Elementary School was completed about a year ago, with more soon to follow. The South Norwalk Elementary School and new Norwalk High School, both of which are still in the planning phases, are expected to have solar panels when they are constructed, as well as Cranbury Elementary School, which is expected to start in April.
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