People are Talking…

Nick and Tori Anne Stamboulidis

Chris, Tori-Anne and I want to thank you and that we are very happy with your services. Feel free to have anyone call us for a reference. Not only did you help us buy our first house, you kept in touch with us after the sale.  The best service you gave us was when you told us it was time to sell our condo. You predicted the market was going to go down and that it would be a good time to sell and move up to a house.

We are so glad we took your advice. You sold our condo at the top end of the market and we got a great price. Not only that but two neighbors at our old complex are still trying to sell their condo and it’s been over a year. They say they have had to drop their price three times.

You have now represented us for the purchase and sale of our first condo, and the purchase of our new House. Your commission – Free program really is an asset to anyone looking to sell and then buy again. Why don’t other Real Estate Brokers offer it?

Chris you truly provide Service for Life and know what you are doing, very professional, and have an incredible insight to the Real Estate world.

Thank you,
Nick and Tori Anne Stamboulidis

Colin & Jenny Board

Jenny and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the service you provided to enable the sale of our house in Redding.  We came to you after having the house on the market for over a year with a national brokerage, and had reduced our asking price from the original recommendation they had given. You gave us the opportunity to re-list our property at a lower price by offering your fixed fee option and ensuing reduction in commission fees. You gave us a fair assessment of our property value and provided all the services you said you would- and more.  We expected to be on our own after paying your fee but were surprised and relieved to find that you were there for us throughout the price negotiation giving sound advice while doing so.  Once again Chris, thank you and Ashley for your efforts, we will be happy to act as referees to your future potential clients, good luck in your future endeavors.

Colin & Jenny Board


Dian Berlingo

Chris once again I want to thank you for selling my house and at the price I wanted. Your Listing program is the most unique. Why don’t the other Realtor’s offer the same programs as you? Have anyone call me and I will tell them what a wonderful professional Broker you are. I felt like you were my partner through the whole process and was truly looking out for my best interest.

God Bless!
Dian Berlingo


Barbara Curruthers, North Stamford, CT

Chris as I have shared with you before I interviewed eleven (11) different Realtors before deciding to use you to market and sell my home. Every Realtor before you said that I had to remodel my home and make it more desirable to sell.

Your approach was completely different. You took one look and said, ” An actor, writer, or artist would love this house”. You told me I didn’t need to do anything. You put together a marketing plan directed towards the “Arts” and within 23 days you sold my house for $75,000.00 more than the Bank appraisal.

Let me be the first to say you really know what you are doing. I loved that you answered your telephone every time I called. Selling a home is a very emotional experience. You made it very comfortable for me and were there every step of the way.

If you need a reference have them call me. I will share with them just how professional and knowledgeable you are about Real Estate marketing.

You were not kidding when you said you worked for me not some Real Estate Company. I didn’t have to change my house so they could sell it; you found the family that loved it just the way it was.

Thank you for a wonderful job.


Patty Peterson

I am so grateful to have found such an honest and hardworking agent. Chris Buswell not only sold my home in less than 3 months but also got $10,000 more than his initial market evaluation.

It was wonderful to work with Chris because he did not pressure me in the least. He presented me with three other offers for less than his listed price. Chris advised me to hold out. He believed he priced the house correctly and if I had the time we would eventually get the higher price. He was right. I know have more money to buy my new home with.

Chris impressed me most with his diligence in getting things done! He worked very hard to promote my home and show it regularly. Chris uses the Internet and Virtual Tours to market homes. This eliminated the need to actual show the house to the “Broker tour” because when someone actual came out to look at the house they were pre-qualified having seen the Virtual Tour already. How wonderful this worked out for me!!!

I am currently using Chris to find me a home and would highly recommend him in either capacity whether selling or buying.

Thank you Chris for all of your continued efforts!
Yours very truly,
Patty Peterson


Ilona Tolk

My husband and I just made the move from NYC to the suburbs. We worked with Chris for about 6 months.  We felt so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Chris as our realtor. After meeting us once, he immediately understood what we were looking for. Being that we lived 45 minutes away, he would scope out properties prior to us seeing them. He always was patient, gave us his honest opinion, and was always available — He really does always answer his phone!  In addition, he has been in the industry for years and has some great contacts.  I have started recommending Chris to anyone I know looking for a home in the Westchester/Connecticut area.  And, we plan on using him to sell our townhouse and buy a home in a few years. Buying a home is normally a stressful experience; Chris made it as painless as possible and even enjoyable.

Top-line thoughts on why I chose you over the competition:

“From day one it was clear that your focus was on helping my wife and I find the right home, not just the first one we wanted to buy. Your insight on neighborhoods, commuting times and what different communities in Fairfied county had to offer was invaluable to our decision making process.  I can’t thank you enough for helping us find a home that surpassed our expectations”

“Working with a limited budget and high expectations, we knew we were in for quite a search, and that when we found it, we would have to move quickly.  Your thoughtful guidance tough negotiating skills and “always pick up your phone” policy helped us land the home we wanted, and at a price we could afford. Thanks Chris!!!”

“My wife and I loved that you always picked up your phone. Other realtors get back to you at their convenience, and coming from the New York City, that just didn’t work for us. You always made it clear that our needs were first.  I would recommend you to anyone I knew was looking for a home, and WE HAVE!!!

Chris Myers

To whomever it may concern:

I recently bought a loft in South Norwalk through my broker, Chris Buswell, of “”
This is to share my experience and thoughts about Chris.
The first thing to say is that Chris did an outstanding job, and I am very happy with the process and my
new home.  Several things stand out about working with Chris that are worth sharing:

Chris’s integrity, intelligence, and lengthy experience in the real estate market meant that I
could always count on getting sound advice from him.  Whether it was information coming back
from the seller, the lawyer, an inspector…  Chris’s no-nonsense interpretation of the data was
always honest and on-the-mark.  That is really important when buying or selling real estate
because there is so much conflicting information and everyone has an agenda.

Chris never pushed me to do anything, he allowed me to see a property and make my own
judgments.  At the same time, he did two other things that I really liked.  (1) Chris gave me his
opinion whenever I asked for it.  Some brokers might hold back, or try to figure out what the
buyer wants before replying, but Chris is way too honest for that – he often told me he did not
think something was right for me, and why.  (2) Chris showed me properties that fit what I was
looking for, but he also showed me properties that were a little outside of my wish-list.  Both of
those were important to see – the properties outside of my wish-list were actually very
important to see because they helped me figure out what I really wanted.

Chris is aggressive when he needs to be, but he is also laid back when he needs to be.   For
example, if a lawyer or the other broker was taking too long to do something he would push
them hard for a response; if he saw an opportunity to do something different he would jump
right into it.  At the same time, he also seemed to know when things needed to slow down and
just take their course.  The result was that what could have been a stressful experience was
actually relatively relaxed, everything that happened was put into the proper context and made

In short, I could not provide a higher recommendation than to work with Chris Buswell for a real estate
transaction.  He is a strong partner to have on your side, a confidante you can trust, and a good friend
throughout the process.  I felt like I followed the right path from start to finish in my purchase, thanks to
Chris’s help and guidance, and I am very happy with the results.
Chris Myers
Norwalk, CT

Nick & Torrie-Anne Stamboulidis

What Chris taught us about buying our first home was amazing.  His approach to the Real Estate market is like nothing we have ever heard before.  He was able to find us exactly what we were looking for, suggested an excellent mortgage broker and negotiated a purchase price that literally saved us $11,000.00.

His independence as a Broker paid off to us, as he didn’t need to ask “his manager” or comply with some Real Estate company’s policies that typically are geared towards their bottom line not ours.