Chris O. Buswell, Partner/Broker
Chris O. Buswell, Partner/Broker

Chris O. Buswell, comes to the Real Estate industry with over fifty years of business and marketing experience. He has personally built homes from the ground up and is qualified in all aspects of building, including roofing, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning/ heating and remodeling. When looking at homes for sale he sees things the average Realtor does not.

Chris is a decorated Vietnam Veteran who spent three years flying combat missions as a crew member on a C-130-E Hercules. “You just can’t fly combat missions for three years without learning how to pay attention to detail, it got me and my entire crew out alive” says Chris. “I am the guy you want to have in the trenches with you when it comes time for you to enter the Real Estate battle.”

Chris contributed to both International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), and Executone Inc., as a Branch Manager. He was Director of Marketing for Jackson Voice Data and Founder and CEO of Executech Solutions, Inc a marketing arm for New York Telephone, SNET, and NEC America.

Chris’ business experience has trained him to concentrate on your bottom line. It’s all about money. Isn’t buying or selling your home your biggest investment? Most companies will charge you exorbitant fees to help you reach your real estate goal while at the same time trying to increase the profit to their bottom line.

Chris manages your bottom line. He will create for your approval an advertising and marketing budget that will not only sell your home but will pass as much of the profit as possible to “your bottom line” not someone else’s.

Chris O. Buswell is a licensed Real Estate Broker in: Connecticut, New York and North Carolina  ABR NAR
Direct: 203-325-1617